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Travelling to The Academy

At Hazeley we actively encourage our students to walk, cycle or scoot to school. There are many benefits from travelling actively as it improves the air quality around the school, eases congestion whilst making the surrounding area a safer place to live. Students experience health benefits from exercise as well as helping them reach their daily recommended physical activity levels, along with gaining independence and resilience.

Hazeley Academy worked on the Modeshift STARS project last year, we are proud to announce that we achieved Bronze accreditation! This project builds a sustainable travel plan for our school, by encouraging our students to travel actively to school. As a school we work towards achieving initiatives, whilst educating our students on the benefits of active travel. We are aiming to achieve more initiatives this year, but we cannot do it without the support of our whole school community. We ask that your child chooses how they come to school carefully. If your child doesn’t know a safe route to school, why not use the Milton Keynes journey planner and practise the route at a weekend?

We have attached a Bubble Map which shows a 5-minute walking zone around the school. We are asking for parents/guardians to not drive into this zone during drop off and pick up. If you have no option other than to drive, you could drop off your son/daughter outside the zone, allowing them to walk the remainder of the journey. Just think of the time you’ll save in the morning not sitting in school traffic! It is everyone’s responsibility to create a welcoming atmosphere into the school.


We are really working hard to support our students giving them the tools they need to travel actively and to become independent young adults. We also need your support as parents to encourage your child to travel actively. As part of the project we would like you to have your say about the environment around the school by completing an online survey.

We look forward to working with you this year to reduce the amount of congestion around drop off and pick up times to ensure our students stay safe and be as active as they can be!

Should you have any questions please email 


Hazeley travel and environment initiatives

Click on the link to see some of the travel initiatives being run this term as part of the STARS national award.