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Sixth Form

Welcome to the Sixth Form. We offer a structured and supportive environment where students will flourish and develop the independent learning skills and responsibility to be successful in their chosen careers, training and Higher Education. 

We place great emphasis on academic achievement but also encourage students to broaden their experiences, to involve themselves in the community and to enjoy learning in its broadest context.



Dress Code

Students in the Sixth Form are expected to wear ‘Smart Casual Dress wear’ of their own choice. It must be clothing that would be worn in a professional or managerial environment.   

Tops - Tops can include polo shirts, shirts, turtleneck, smart rugby style shirt, blouses, fitted tops. Tops must not be low cut and must completely cover cleavage and midriff. Male students must wear a collar. Smart jumpers/cardigans/ blazers are allowed. Ties are optional.

Dresses/Skirts - If dresses or skirts are worn that are more than three inches above the knee, tights of one colour must be worn underneath them. Dresses must also not be strapless or have thin straps.  Skirts that are shorter than three inches above the knee must not have a split in them. Dresses must not be made of a tight-fitting, stretch t-shirt material or any denim. 

Trousers should not be tight fitting and should cover the whole leg. Chino style trousers/ suit style trousers/ tailored trousers are permitted. Straight legged cargo style trousers, with minimal pockets and no logos are permitted. Leggings should only be worn under a skirt or dress.  Jeans of any colour are not permitted. Leggings are not permitted unless under a skirt or dress.

Make up - Discreet facial make-up, nail varnish and discreet jewellery may be worn.

Shoes should be smart and suitable for moving around the Academy (trainers, combat style boots and flip-flops are not acceptable). A traditional style shoe can be of any colour. A canvas style shoe/trainer must be completely black. 

Piercings - Piercings should be discreet. Ear and nose piercings are allowed, however health and safety will always be considered when making decisions on appropriate piercings. If unsure check with your progress leader first. Eyebrow piercings are not permitted.

Hair Colour - Students are permitted to dye their hair any colour they like, however it can be only one colour in addition to their natural hair colour. Students should be aware that continuously colouring their hair can lead to damage and we would always suggest that they have it done by a professional hairdresser.

Headphones and phones - Headphones are not to be worn anywhere in the Academy building (excluding the Hub or Pavilion). Mobile phones are not to be used anywhere in he Academy building, other than the Hub, Pavilion and canteen.

Students and parents should refer to the visual guide on the website.

This list is not exhaustive and individual judgements may be made by the Sixth Form Management