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Key Information

The Hazeley Academy opened its doors to a small cohort of students in 2005 and is now a well-established, successful secondary school and Sixth Form with over 1500 students aged 11-18.  

Our vision at The Hazeley Academy is a simple one; to grow a vibrant community of exceptional people, through the development of our 5Cs of Character, Confidence, Creativity, Contributing and Community.

We always try to grasp the opportunity in the challenge, this was exemplified in our response to the Covid19 pandemic. Instead of just aiming to get through it, we aimed to grow through it, coming back stronger, developing amazing online learning and community cohesion. We do not simply see ourselves as preparing young people for work, but also for family life, friendships and enjoying playing a role in the wider community.

The Academy’s OFSTED report in October 2018 praises the “principled and determined pursuit of high standards in all areas of school life” and our “stimulating, challenging ethos”. It goes on to describe the “effective balance of the drive for excellence with the wellbeing of staff and students” along with how “pupils personal development and well-being, including their mental health, have a high priority and are well provided for by the school”.

Hazeley is a proud founder member, along with Shenley Brook End School, of the 5 Dimensions Trust. Membership provides our students with access to the very best teachers, holistic and academic education as well as improved connectivity with parents and the wider community. We are proud to now work alongside Priory Rise School within our 5 Dimensions Trust.