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The Physical Education department aims to develop competence, performance skills, creativity and provide knowledge about leading a Healthy active lifestyle. This is achieved through the wide range of content which focuses on: Outwitting opponents; performing at maximal levels; Accurate replication of skills and techniques; communicating and expressing ideas and concepts;Identifying and solving problems and exercising safely and effectively. Looking at the child as a whole, PE develops beyond the physical to develop the emotional and social individual. this is further enhanced by the introduction of: Duke of Edinburgh; Sports leadership, Sport Education and first aid.



Physical Education is more than just kicking a ball. Physical Education takes the individual aspects of a child and develops each to create a well rounded individual. Physical Education places the learner in the centre and develops the students physically, emotionally and socially in 3 distinctly separate areas:

  • Character and employability
  • Physical competence
  • Health and wellbeing