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Music is for everyone. Music should be practical. Musical experience can empower students to express themselves, helping them to manage their own wellbeing and make sense of the world around them.  Music is a multifaceted experience involving knowledge about music, knowledge ‘how’ in music and knowledge of music. Together these lead to understanding  helping them to learn ‘smarter’ across a range of subjects.


Knowledge type features

Knowledge about music: The facts about music e.g. the latest hit by Adele; the instruments in a string quartet; the names of different kinds of African drums; the blues chord sequence.

Knowledge how in music: The practical skills of music. e.g. how to: play a chromatic scale; tune a guitar; improvise around a blues chord sequence.

Knowledge of music: Knowledge that comes from a deep acquaintance with music as a performer, listener or composer/improviser (or all three).