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Geography Curriculum Intent 

We study Geography in order to make sense of the world in which we live. It helps us understand the connections that divide us and bring us together. Through Geography, students examine the processes and patterns that have helped shape the world in the past, present and future. Our youth are the most connected generation we have ever had and we believe that the study of Geography will help our students to develop their understanding of the human and physical world around them. They will be able to use the range of skills acquired through the study of Geography to help make sense of their own place in the world and the power they have to change it. Using this understanding, they will be able to make choices that will shape and define the future for themselves and others.  


Geography connects everything that we experience throughout our lives and the lessons will help the students develop their understanding of this. Geographical enquiry is the basis of the lessons and connects us to the human and physical world using a wide range of skills and techniques. We want learning to be responsive to the changing world and we will use a wide range of world events to improve the geographical context of the lessons. Through this context students will be able to apply their knowledge to the diversity of the world showing the social, moral and cultural connections.