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Food & Nutrition


The purpose of the curriculum in Catering allows  students to improve themselves by focusing on four areas of development. 

The Food curriculum in both KS3 and KS4 is aimed at inspiring pupils to enjoy and understand food, in preparing, cooking, and eating a variety of savoury and sweet dishes. Pupils are encouraged to develop their confidence, independence,creativity and capability in the kitchen environment. It is imperative that our pupils can learn crucial life skills and learn about nutrition. We use a hands on practical approach to learn in a safe, fun environment, encouraging an enjoyment of being in the kitchen. |Working closely with our feeder schools at KS2 we can continue to work with from Year 7 we aim to instil a love of food, developing competent pupils in a kitchen environment. We teach a range of cooking skills and allow pupils to use and understand their senses to analyse different foods.  

In KS3 we start simple and then, with each recipe build in a new skill, using a variety of utensils, electrical equipment, and ingredients to create a range of dishes. This ensures pupils develop a confidence in a kitchen environment. This is all underpinned with pupils learning about eating a balanced diet. A number of group and theory lessons teach pupils to analyse products and dishes; learn the principles of nutrition and health and understand the source and seasonality of a range of ingredients. Skills and knowledge are learnt and stimulated in KS3 and, if pupils want to pursue these further, they have the opportunity to study Hospitality and Catering/ Food and Nutrition in KS4. Cross curriculum Maths – weighing and measuring, English- reading recipes and instructions; science – how ingredients work together, food safety, Social and cultural influences and international food traditions and cultures 

KS4 - This course enables pupils to develop the skills and knowledge gained at Key Stage 3 and develop an in depth understanding that will enable them to successfully continue onto a range of post 16 courses. In KS4 the vocational course allows pupils to continue to develop their food preparation and cooking skills and build on their principles of nutrition and healthy eating. Pupils also discover opportunities in this vast vocational sector for further study and employment opportunities. We promise that all pupils will be provided with the best quality delivery and assessment at all times to instil a love of food. Pupils will be fully engaged in challenging activities, in practicals and theory lessons, that will ensure a good understanding of the skills and knowledge required to successfully achieve the Hospitality and Catering qualification. Subject matter is sequenced to support pupils in retaining the content. In KS4 coursework delivery, pupils are encouraged to think complexly as they research and complete a range of assignments. This provides the opportunity for pupils to work independently on their coursework and achieve a great outcome.

Personal confidence -Creative skills - Aspirations  

Cultural capital – in order to inspire creativity we study Catering to develop curiosity of the world around us developing understanding of what came before; a sense of history and the cultural and social context that surrounds the creation and development of work in all subject areas We plan and work closely with Science, Geography and History in order to give a deeper understanding into the context of where our food comes form and the effect this has on our environment. By exposing students to experiences in the real world it is possible to think bigger, engage with different cultures and ideas and become independent thinkers and doers. Food is a basic need for all and throughout the food course we are developing knowledge and behaviour towards food, constantly enhancing skills in the preparation and cooking of a range of ingredients. There are many opportunities to develop a pupils’ cultural capital in food lessons. These include working safely with food and equipment, food sustainability, food miles, seasonal foods, specific dietary needs, eating a balanced diet (Eatwell Guide), factors affecting our food choices and pupils also take part in a number of sensory analysis activities. We look to broaden horizons so pupils can see how food can be an exciting part of everyone’s life 

Subject Intent 

Hospitality and Catering/ Food and Nutrition  is a worldwide industry, which has become one of the biggest employers in the world. Students are challenged to develop a wide range of skills; meeting the needs of customers and stakeholders, understanding how business works in a fast paced and changing environment, individual roles and responsibilities. Hospitality and Catering encourages building transferable life skills in teamwork, planning and decision making helping students to make healthy and sustainable choices that benefit them and their world around them.