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We believe that students should have access to a broad and ambitious Drama curriculum, which promotes their confidence, builds character and invigorates their creativity. Within this curriculum the students will develop the skills and knowledge required to prepare themselves for future careers inside or outside of the performance industry.  The fluent planning is sequenced in a way that encourages confident collaboration when presenting their ideas to an audience through live performances and the written medium.  

Our drama curriculum will give students the opportunity to:

  • develop transferable skills (i.e. social skills, emotional understanding and cognitive abilities) to help them become the best versions of themselves.
  • present interesting, engaging and well-rounded characters to a live audience.
  • discover and implement their creative fingerprint.
  • understand the process of creating, rehearsing and refining performances.
  • appreciate and deconstruct live and recorded theatre.
  • confidently display written evaluative and analytical skills embedded with subject specific language.
  • explore a range of practitioners, styles and genres with additional support from workshops with outside agencies.
  • design imaginative set, costume, sound and lighting designs to enhance a production.
  • articulate, present and express their ideas, views and opinions about a wide range of topics and issues clearly, confidently and respectfully.
  • participate in extra-curricular activities such as a biennial school musical.


We embrace the differences of all individuals, therefore our students work within an inclusive and welcoming environment. We create work which has a clear purpose and highlights moral perspectives that are pertinent and significant to our students. Through creating and analysing drama, we engage with themes that are culturally relevant and encourage students to embrace their place within society.