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Access to To the School

V2 Update – Reduced access to the Academy from Monday 30th January 2023 until Friday 21st July 2023


How access will work:

• Whilst the building of the V2 is underway, a one-way system will be in place for vehicle access to the academy car park. This will cause congestion unless we dramatically decrease the number of cars.

• Special car park passes have been issued to those students who need access to the carpark.

• Sixth form students and staff that drive, have been issued passes. 

• Parking is not available along any part of the V2 near the school and will be difficult along the H5 (see map 1 below)

• Pedestrian access will not be available via the front of the school.

• Pedestrian access will be improved at the back of the school (see map 1 below)

• Additional bike racks will be moved to the back of the school.


What do you need to do:

• Encourage your child to walk, cycle or use public transport for their school journey.

• If you must drive, consider using one of the drop-off points highlighted on map 2. As always, please be respectful and considerate of our local community.

• Please do not drop your child off in any of the areas marked in red on the map below (V2 and H5 Portway)

• If your child has a special reason why they need to be dropped off in the car park, then email and if appropriate you will be issued with a pass. Please play your part as a member of our community and only do this if you really need to and please expect to be challenged if your reason is not strong and clear, for this to work we need to keep numbers to a minimum.

• Encourage your child to access the school on the redways marked in green or blue on the map below.

• The blue line  in the map below, is a new access path and will allow pedestrian access to the school from 8am- 5pm (this is a fenced walkway so people using it will not be able to access the rest of the site without going through reception). This will also allow our Sixth Formers to access and leave the school during the day.


What else will we be doing?

• The plans will be explained to all students, and we will do all we can to meet individual needs.

• We will continue to listen to feedback and monitor the situation to see how we might adapt/ improve our response.

• Working with the local contractors, you and students to ensure that the plans are adhered to. Please don’t hesitate to contact the school if you have any questions or comments.