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Our aim is to promote Art and Design as a visual language with transferable skills ,valued not just as a creative outlet but also for its contribution to the holistic education of all learners.​

To achieve our aim, we will :​

Follow structured but flexible Schemes of Work that –​

  •  Have identifiable goals and expectations for all abilities -​
  • Provide a logical sequential and challenging progression of skill, expertise and understanding -​
  • Provide insight into to a variety of artists, styles and genres.
  • Provide opportunities to experiment with a range of materials and processes.
  • Provide opportunities to explore and develop ideas through a range of strategies including blended and flipped learning.
  • To enable the making of creative, imaginative and personalised 2D and 3D outcomes.
  • Supported by homework that is meaningful and adds value to the topic.
  • With an assessment process which aims to promote and monitor pupil progress accurately –​
  • And incorporates activities structured to support career goals in line with the Gatsby benchmarks.​
  • Delivered in stimulating environments with Magenta style strategies, that encourage, develop and strengthen.
  • Independent and lateral thinking through questioning, and cross curricular tasks, and exposure to external workshops and competitions.
  • Oracy through debates, discussions , group critiques and reflective self and peer assessments.
  • Analytical skills evidenced by annotations which use subject specific terminology.

We aspire to students to -

  • Feel supported and valued
  • Develop the confidence to independently explore, research and experiment in order to develop and construct their creative outcomes
  • Be aware of the skills and qualities required of them as they see the logic, relevance and value of their work
  •  Be engaged, motivated inspired and enthusiastic
  • Have a sense of enjoyment, satisfaction, pride in their achievements and efforts whatever their individual ability level.