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Congratulations to our year 11 class of 2020!

Jack - Great grades and a great actor and off to study Drama at Arts1.

Kate - the moment of realisation as she opens her fantastic grades.

Birthday and exam results celebrations for Charlotte and Amelia.

Max, Laurence and Harrison showing great grades and Character, Confidence and Creativity.

Cassie is super proud of her perfect set of 9’s “This is down to great support and routines”.

Antony is looking forward to using his clutch of great grades to study History, Philosophy and English at Hazeley.


The mission of Hazeley is to “grow a vibrant community of exceptional people” and the Year 11 class of 2020 are certainly that! They have developed their character, confidence and creativity to turn unprecedented challenges into opportunities, steering the additional stresses of lock down and the uncertainties of unique changes to the examination system.  

Today we celebrate their success and work with them to ensure that their next steps support their journey to becoming even better versions of themselves.  

In the words of some of our students... 

“All the study and uncertainty has been worth it, I’m looking forward to studying maths, psychology and chemistry at Hazeley”. Daniel  

“I’m really pleased with my grades and enormously grateful to the support from Hazeley and my family”. Ini  

“It’s been a long and fraught wait for these grades, but it’s been worth it”. Sean  

“The sun is shining, my grades are great and I’m off to study A levels - what is not to like?” Lorais  

“I had a tough time at my previous schools, but Hazeley understood me, helped me turn into a good version of me and now I’ll be staying on at 6th form”. Caden  

Hazeley students are far more than exam grades, they are friends, artists, athletes, siblings, actors, sons, daughters, volunteers and members of our vibrant community. Their exam results add to them, but never define them. It would take far more than a few numbers to do that!