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Health and Social Care

Promoting Equality and Preventing Discrimination

Within KS5, our students have been learning about the differences between individuals and how they might be affected if they are treated differently.

They have been studying how health and social care professionals can meet the needs of individuals who have different needs, such as someone who has a learning difficulty or has a hard time successfully communicating with others. They have to examine how these individuals could be treated equally, how they are all diverse and how anti-discriminatory practice can be upheld.

To further support their understanding of how professionals can uphold their values, they have to study the skills that professionals utilise to ensure that everyone their needs met regardless of their background, including gender, religion and culture.

To help students gain an idea of what skills could be included in supporting professionals in achieving this, they utilise different social media platforms such as YouTube and Tutor4U. An example of a video that they can access to support their understanding is linked below