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Curriculum Intent

Science is all around us, in the natural world and in the increasing technology and industry that we take for granted in our lives. The scientific method gives students the skills to question the world around them and validate the vast amount of information that is available to them every day, enabling them to make informed decisions now and in the future. The study of science will allow students to understand and contribute to some of the biggest issues being debated at a national and international level, such as climate change, vaccinations, antibiotic resistance, nuclear and renewable power resources, plastic waste and recycling, fracking, genetic engineering and the exploration of space.


Science has links into all other subjects in the school curriculum and can enhance student’s understanding and thought processes within those subjects. There are many practical aspects of the science curriculum and these are used to deepen a student’s learning and also develop skills that can be used in everyday life, such as problem solving and critical thinking and will prepare them for future careers that do not yet exist. Science lessons should link into current issues in the news so that students will be motivated and interested to learn more about.