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Philosophy & Ethics and Politics

Curriculum Intent 

Religious, cultural, philosophical and ethical exploration is at the heart of every academic discipline in school. An acute awareness for diversity, difference and challenge is central for humans to flourish and in all philosophical walks has the mantra of learn and enquire been central. Philosophy and Ethics is designed to challenge students to become more aware – not just of themselves, but of others and the multiple factors that affects groups around the world. From religious dress to ethical decision making, this subject is essential for a firm grounding in how the human condition works. The intention for studying this course, at KS3 all the way to KS5, is to develop a holistic appreciation for the people that live and for those that have come before and to use this information to become a better member of society, and more reflective in the world of business and employment. Our passion is our subject and we aim to make use of art, literature, music, film, the written and the spoken word, to bring alive the subject content. 

Curriculum Ethos 

Our ethos is to teach from a position of empowerment for people and communities. Philosophy and Ethics is the study of, and investigation into, a range of different religious, ethical and philosophical standpoints – all of which have validity and the right to protection. Our mission is to encourage our students to question, whilst not being forced into, or forced out of, a particular world-view. Our purpose is to create reflective learners, and all students, from all beliefs, are welcome to share, reflect and engage in academic discussion about the nature, value and consequence of these beliefs. From KS3-KS5 all major world religions will be explored and a wealth of ethical challenges raised, explored and dissected. Philosophy and Ethics welcomes all, and encourages each student to do the same to other members of the class.