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Wonderful results for our fabulous Year 11’s  

Key dates in any school diary are the results on the GCSE’s and today we celebrated the results of the class of Year 11 - 2022.


This year group arrived at Hazeley fresh faced and full of joy and anticipation in September 2018 in a world where we were still in the EU and no one had heard of Covid 19. Benny Blanco was number one in the charts with ‘Eastside and Christopher Robin was the highest grossing film this week. The year of 2018 saw Manchester United be football champions and it was the year of the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan.  


Back in 2018 we spoke about the journey ahead, and how it would be about working together to help everyone grow into the “best versions of themselves.” We shared that challenges would lay ahead and that when we encountered them, we would use our 3Cs of Character, Confidence, and Creativity to overcome them. This year group have completely embodied the 3C’s and in fact they have been so amazing throughout the covid pandemic that we have now added an additional two C’s to our motto, ‘Contributing’ and ‘Community’.


Five years on, we take time to celebrate the progress and success of every member of our community. From those who battled to sit exams after Covid-19, to those who have achieved a host of grade 9s, everyone has been on a journey; everyone has grown through this, and we certainly have grown into a ‘vibrant community of exceptional people.’

Many of our students have shown depth of character, confidence and creativity or have contributed extensively to our community, those below have been highlighted by our pastoral team.  


  • Josh (Oxley Park School) has contributed to the wider school’s community through his participation and volunteering in football. Josh showed great leadership and commitment by taking on the KS4 girls football team to assist them through the county cup. We wish him luck in his football career.    
  • Daniel (New Bradwell School) has not only attained 5 years at Hazeley with 100% attendance, but Daniel has also grown in confidence over his time at Hazeley and has become an asset to our community. We wish Daniel the best of luck at college.   
  • Trinity (Two Mile Ash School) has overcome personal hurdles to allow her to finish Year 11 in a very positive way. Trinity has had participated and lead our boxing clever initiative with Kelly Haynes. Through this, Trinity has coached and mentored students in our community, which has allowed her to flourish. Best of luck her in next steps   
  • Charlie (Oxley Park School) has shown tremendous talent for the performing arts when he performed in the Hazeley production of ‘Little Shop of Horrors.’ He has a true talent, and we wish him the best of luck in the future.
  • Musa (Christ the Sower) has consistently shown a great work ethic throughout his time at Hazeley. His focus and determination to learn across all subjects has undoubtedly served him well. Best of luck in the future.  
  • Priscilla (Moorland Infant School) was a great addition to the prom committee which was a great success! In addition to being a great advocate for community, Priscilla loved her studies and often attended after school revision clubs to ensure she made the most of the support available, to reach her potential. 


Some of our highest achieving Year 11’s, whose grades where almost all 9’s,8’s and 7’s, are listed below (not in rank order), where possible we have included their primary schools as we know they will be interested to see how their much-loved ex-students have progressed.  


  • Yeboaa – joined us from abroad  
  • Sofia – Priory Rise School 
  • Mikel – Christ the Sower Ecumenical Primary School 
  • Laia - Christ the Sower Ecumenical Primary School 
  • Michelle - Two Mile Ash  
  • Olivia _ Oxley Park Primary
  • Bruno - Two Mile Ash  
  • Kaylen – Oxley Park Primary  
  • Cooper – Priory Rise School 
  • Katie – Two Mile Ash  
  • Toby – Great Horwood C E combined school  
  • Jeanne – Priory Rise  
  • Hannah - Two Mile Ash  


The overwhelming majority of Hazeley students have gained the grades they need to progress directly to their preferred next step, for the vast majority this will be in our excellent 6th Form. The few that have not quite achieved the grades they hoped for or have found courses to be full can expect support from the pastoral team. 


For support applying to Hazeley please email: 


For wider support, please email Mrs Harris 


Experience shows that setbacks are temporary if approached collaboratively and wisely.  


Well done to the entire Hazeley community, we set our sights high and did what we said we would and ‘grew a vibrant community of exceptional people.’ 


Miss Whiteman