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We are on a mission to make Hazeley the very BEST place to work or study! This mission is embedded in our values:

We aim to grow a vibrant community of exceptional people through our 5Cs of Character, Confidence, Creativity, Contribution and Community

Core Values

Our fixed, guiding principles by which we make all decisions.
  • Character – We have respect, integrity, loyalty, high expectations and resilience. We believe the differences amongst us make us even stronger
  • Confidence – We trust ourselves and each other, we relish taking calculated risks, we understand honest mistakes occur and learn from them together
  • Creativity –We enjoy working together designing, creating and reflecting upon solutions, including how to improve ourselves and each other in so doing making our Academy a truly inspiring place
  • Contributing - We grow through engaging, helping and supporting others; participating in positive causes that make a difference to ourselves and others.
  • Community - We use our shared values to understand each other, to do the right thing and enable everyone to feel valued and play their part in growing our vibrant community of exceptional people.

It comes to life through our actions:

  • We all make decisions based on these actions, for example if you make an honest mistake we work together to put it right
  • All staff have 5 year flight paths helping them to develop and grow securely while working at Hazeley
  • Staff feedback is used to continually sharpen systems and processes to reduce staff workload. For example, we have reduced the number of assessment points for each year group, created an on call system and central detention system
  • All of our policies at least meet the teachers’ pay and conditions and for support staff those outlined in the green book. We always aspire to go far beyond

This provision is enriched through our staff wellbeing programme which includes:

  • A wide array of social events including, coffee mornings, Friday morning staff breakfast, staff Christmas party, quiz nights, bike rides and charity walks
  • Health promotion events such as keeping hydrated, healthy eating, dieting and mental wellbeing classes
  • Staff sports events such as table tennis tournaments, yoga and Zumba taster sessions
  • Various staff arts and crafts events and competitions including the bake off and making Christmas decorations
  • A range of activities promoting our values such as secret Santa, dine with colleagues
  • Discounts at local shops and promotion of local clubs and activities


We are an employer required by law to carry out Gender Pay Gap reporting under the Equality Act 2010 ( Gender pay Gap Information ) Regulations 2017. Please click here to view report: Gender Pay Gap Report