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Welcome to The Hazeley Academy. We are part of the successful and growing 5 Dimensions Trust, working alongside Shenley Brook End School and Priory Rise School. And we aspire to make The Hazeley Academy the very best place to work or study. This mission is embedded in our values:

We aim to grow a vibrant community of exceptional people through our 5Cs of Character, Confidence, Creativity, Contribution, and Community

  • Character – We have respect, integrity, loyalty, high expectations and resilience. We believe the differences amongst us make us even stronger
  • Confidence – We trust ourselves and each other, we relish taking calculated risks, we understand honest mistakes occur and learn from them together
  • Creativity –We enjoy working together designing, creating and reflecting upon solutions, including how to improve ourselves and each other in so doing, making our Academy a truly inspiring place
  • Contributing - We grow through engaging, helping and supporting others; participating in positive causes that make a difference to ourselves and others.
  • Community - We use our shared values to understand each other, to do the right thing and enable everyone to feel valued and play their part in growing our vibrant community of exceptional people.

It comes to life through our actions:

  • We all make decisions based on these actions. For example, if you make an honest mistake, we work together to put it right
  • All staff have 5-year flight paths, helping them to develop and grow securely while working at The Hazeley Academy
  • Staff feedback is used to continually sharpen systems and processes to reduce staff workload. For example, we have reduced the number of assessment points for each year group, created an on-call system and a central detention system
  • All our policies meet at least the teachers’ pay and conditions and for support staff those outlined in the green book. We always aspire to go far beyond


What We Can Offer You

Our Trust places staff wellbeing at the top of our agenda, and we understand that happy, healthy employees add so much value to the communities they serve. We are aware of the challenges the profession faces and therefore have a strong commitment to supporting our colleagues and ensuring that wellbeing is at the centre of any decisions made.

Our staff are hugely valued, and we offer a wide range of benefits, which include:

  • Eye Tests and glasses vouchers (subject to terms and conditions)
  • CPD, Coaching and Mentoring
  • Training accessible via our Leadership Training Centre
  • Discretionary paid and unpaid leave entitlement
  • Annual leave (Support Staff) - 28 days plus Bank Holidays
  • Annual leave with 5+ years’ service (Support Staff) - 32 days plus Bank Holidays
  • Life Assurance (Support Staff) – Death in service benefit of 3x annual salary
  • Generous pension schemes and employer contributions as part of the LGPS/Teachers Pension Schemes
  • Positive weekly staff briefings
  • On-site cafés
  • Tea and coffee available all day for all
  • Regular social events and fun activities
  • Free parking on site


Our staff wellbeing programme includes:

  • A wide array of social events including, coffee mornings, Friday morning staff breakfast, staff Christmas party, quiz nights, bike rides and charity walks
  • Health promotion events such as keeping hydrated, healthy eating, dieting and mental wellbeing classes
  • Staff sports events such as table tennis tournaments, yoga and Zumba taster sessions
  • Various staff arts and crafts events and competitions, including the bake off and making Christmas decorations
  • A range of activities promoting our values, such as Secret Santa, dining with colleagues
  • Discounts at local shops and promotion of local clubs and activities


Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is a growing, diverse and thriving community with affordable housing and excellent transport links. The area has something for everyone, whether you like green spaces, leisure activities or shopping in the Centre MK.  It is home to Woburn Safari Park and Bletchley Park, which attracts visitors from all over the world to discover the history of wartime code breakers. We welcome applications from those wishing to relocate into the area or those who are simply looking for a new challenge within the Milton Keynes area.


Our School

At The Hazeley Academy we are certain that pupils work at their best in a purpose-built environment that is secure, caring and orderly and also stimulating and challenging, so that they are well-prepared to meet the demands of adult life. We combine emphasis on traditional values such as responsibility, honesty, and respect for learning, with care for the individual. We have established an ethos in which all members of our community are valued and respected.

We have high expectations of all our pupils in every aspect of Academy life, and we are one of the highest achieving schools in Milton Keynes. We know that all students have the potential to be discovered and developed and that it is our task as a learning community to help them make full use of their talents and abilities. 

We are confident you will find that the Hazeley Academy is a welcoming and friendly school where relationships are exceptional and students and staff alike work happily and well in an orderly, caring and purposeful environment.

At The Hazeley Academy our high expectations of achievement, behaviour, respect and care lead to an orderly and purposeful learning environment. We challenge all members of our learning community to work hard, respect others and their environment and to participate enthusiastically in all that they do.

We want our pupils to have fun learning and to attain the highest possible standards so that they can face the future with confidence and become active members of society.  

At The Hazeley Academy we celebrate success and stretch and challenge our students who have special gifts and talents. We provide a programme of stimulating activities to encourage our students to make further progress, and to help us produce leaders for the next generation.

We want all of our students to have access to as much of the curriculum as possible and, as a part of the community, we aim to cater to all pupils in our community.

A team of specialist teachers and teaching assistants provides in-class and withdrawal support for those pupils who require it, and we also work closely with outside agencies. Support is offered according to the level of need. This will range from children who require minor help with literacy, to those with a Statement of Special Educational Needs, to those pupils who are recognised as having a gift or talent.

The Hazeley Academy is a fully inclusive one. One of the ways in which we seek to achieve this is by ensuring that it is physically accessible to all people – students, staff, visitors – with a physical, sensory or other type of disability. We also ensure that the ways in which we communicate, and our curriculum, take full account of the needs of learners and others.