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Health and Wellbeing


Health and Wellbeing comprises the subjects of Health and Social Care, Child Development and Wellbeing (previously known as PSHE or Life Skills).  Health and Social Care studies the work of NHS, barriers to care, care values, nutrition, and life stage development giving students both theoretical and practical knowledge of the extended health and care world and how we develop and stay healthy. Child Development overlaps with Health and Social care but also focuses on the psychological development and play of children.

At level 3 we insist on all students carrying out extensive work experience which we feel really enhances students learning and understanding. Wellbeing is studied across the entire school and the aim is to enable students to develop a holistic and well rounded understanding of the world. In the Health and Wellbeing department we are passionate about enthusing students to care about each other, to understand why we are human and to empathise with all areas of society.


Students need to be aware of the wider issues in the world that may affect them but also be well informed and empathetic members of society. With the prevalence of health and wellbeing issues in the media such as; knife crime, obesity, aging population it is vital we equip our learners with the knowledge to allow them to develop into healthy and successful adults.

Health and Social Care Routes

Subject  Plan and Routes will be added shortly.