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GCSE Results 2022

Making Good on Our Promises To Each Other

On tense results days, it is essential to consider not only the grades but also the journey in which they were achieved. The Year 11 Class of 2022 joined Hazeley when Ed Sheeran was topping the charts singing “Perfect”, Arsenal celebrated winning the FA Cup, Teresa May was PM, Donald Trump was President and Tesla were releasing their first production Model 3.

As a community of students, families, and staff we promised each other we would do all we could to “grow a vibrant community of exceptional people.” Back in 2017, 240 Year 7’s in oversized green blazers; comedic sized bags and slightly uncomfortable new shoes joined Hazeley. Many of which were waved off for the first (and often only time) by their parents.

We talked about the journey ahead, and that it would be about working together to help everyone grow into the “best versions of themselves.” We shared that challenges would lay ahead and that when we encountered them, we would use our 3Cs of Character, Confidence, and Creativity to overcome them.

The challenges certainly came: Covid-19, social and political upheaval, climate change and financial scarcity. However, our community adapted and grew, many seizing the opportunity to grow through helping others. So much so, we even added two more C’s to our motto, ‘Contributing’ and ‘Community’ to mark this and formed The Five Dimensions Trust with Shenley Brook End School.

Five years on, we take time to celebrate the progress and success of every member of our community. From those who battled to sit exams after Covid-19, to those who have achieved a host of grade 9s, everyone has been on a journey; everyone has grown through this, and we certainly have grown into a ‘vibrant community of exceptional people.’ Many of our students have shown depth of character, confidence and creativity or have contributed extensively to our community, those below have been highlighted by our pastoral team. 

  • Stephanie (Christ the Sower Ecumenical Primary School) has been a vibrant member of the Hazeley community; she participated in various extracurricular clubs and embraced all the opportunities available at Hazeley. Her zest for being part of the community did not end when she finished her exams in May, Stephanie still supported netball and assisted on the three STEAM days held for the soon to be Year 7s.
  • Lydia (Priory Rise School) has overcome hurdles to always give 100%, attending the study hub and using this time not only for her, but to help others with their revision.
  • Molly (Two Mile Ash School) has been such an enthusiastic student at Hazeley from the very first day until the very end of the Summer term; not only did Molly contribute to the organisation of the Year 11 Prom, she also went ‘over and above’ to support Year 6 on the three STEAM Days in July.
  • Harry (Oxley Park Academy) has been captain of the football team, encouraging others to try their best to succeed.
  • Kayleigh (Priory Rise School) has shown great leadership skills in both the Prom and the Yearbook committee, from sourcing the venue, to leading the discussions in each committee meeting. These transferable skills will be brilliant for any role or course she applies for post-16.
  • Anas (Bedford Modern School) has shown great character and community spirit by being such a welcoming and supportive student towards a newcomer, who joined Hazeley, midway through Year 11. Anas would frequently share his revision resources and notes, during lessons, and made him feel part of Hazeley. He is a notable example of how we endeavour to welcome newcomers.
  • Grace (Oxley Park Academy) has shown her real flare for the performing arts when she performed in the Hazeley production of ‘Little Shop of Horrors.’ She has a true talent, and we wish her every success.
  • Katie (Two Mile Ash school) Has shown great personal growth, recognised her own challenges, working to overcome these.
  • Daniel (Oxley Park Academy) has consistently shown a great work ethic throughout his time at Hazeley. His focus and determination to learn across all subjects has undoubtedly served him well.
  • Angelo Fenton-Stamatiou has overcome huge personal challenges, is always a pleasure to have around and is a mature and respectable member of the year group.
  • Shivam (Kingsbury High School) has also been a great member of the Prom committee, giving up his free time to raise money for the event and consistently attending and at times, leading the meetings. In addition to being a great advocate for community, Shivam prioritised his studies and often attended after school revision clubs to ensure he made the most of the support available, to reach his potential.
  • Pietro (Priory Rise School) and Callum (Long Meadow) have both shown great resilience throughout their time at Hazeley, overcoming additional challenges. They contributed to Life Skills lessons, which provided a great learning environment for the sessions and enabled the tutor to tailor the upcoming sessions, according to the feedback received.

Some of our highest achieving Year 11’s, whose grades where almost all 9’s,8’s and 7’s, are listed below (not in rank order), where possible we have included their primary schools as we know they will be interested to see how their much-loved ex-students have progressed.

  • Qaid - Long Meadow School
  • Zaheer - Two Mile Ash School 
  • Katie - Two Mile Ash School
  • Alexander - St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary school 
  • Harison - Summerfield School 
  • Charlie - Two Mile Ash School 
  • Joanne - Emerson Valley School 
  • Pietro - Priory Rise School 
  • Rayyan - Great Horwood School 
  • Shivam - Kingsbury High School 
  • Sarah - Oxley Park Academy 
  • Anas - Bedford Modern School 
  • Momodou - Oxley Park Academy 
  • Minnie - Oxley Park Academy 
  • Owen - Oxley Park Academy 

The overwhelming majority of Hazeley students have gained the grades they need to progress directly to their preferred next step, for the vast majority this will be in our excellent 6th Form. The few that have not quite achieved the grades they hoped for or have found courses to be full can expect support from the pastoral team.

Experience shows that setbacks are temporary if approached collaboratively and wisely.

Well done to the entire Hazeley community, we set our sights high and did what we said we would and ‘grew a vibrant community of exceptional people.’