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Why Extracurricular/P6 Activities?

Extracurricular activities (or in some schools, ‘study support’) are any activity that takes place outside normal school lessons during Period 6. Research has shown that students who regularly participate in activities improve attainment of the subjects they study at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. Participation in an extracurricular activity also has a positive influence on improved attitude to learning and impacts on attendance at school.

What do we do at The Hazeley Academy? Sport, Study and SMSC School Clubs

The Hazeley Academy’s Sport and Study Clubs’ aim is to offer students a wide range of extracurricular activities from after school sporting activities alongside some SMSC themed clubs as well as a quiet space in the Learning Zone to complete homework or work on independent projects. These activities are provided to help students enhance their learning of curriculum areas, to support the study that takes place or to provide new activities that they have never tried before. It’s not compulsory, but we hope that all students will find something that’s for them.

How does it work?

  • Any student wishing to be on site after 3:15pm must be attending a supervised session. Due to health and safety restrictions, it is not possible for students to remain in school unsupervised. There are no unsupervised areas of the school open to students after 3:15pm each day.
  • All students are expected to be off the school site by 4:30pm each evening.
  • Students commit to attending a club each week. They need to tell the club leader before the session if they are unable to attend

Extracurricular activities

To book into a P6 club, please log onto your Arbor Parent App. You can book your child to take part in club sessions for each half-term. You can also see what clubs they are enroled to take part in, on their Arbor school calendar. 

Sports Clubs: These clubs are not only for students wishing to be considered for school team selection but also for students who would like to improve their fitness, develop their skills and enjoy some physical activity with their peers. The PE department will be happy to help with queries about any Sports Club.

  • All Sports Clubs take place in the Sports Hall, unless stated on the timetable below.
  • Kit – usual PE kit, or appropriate active wear, correct footwear (boots for football and rugby) and additional safety equipment (e.g. gum shield for rugby).
  • Students should get changed into their PE kit after the usual school day. 
  • If a student is selected for a school sports team, information is posted on the board outside the Confidence office in the Pavilion. Students are responsible for informing their parents of the details.

SMSC Clubs:

These are an ever-expanding group of clubs are linked to development of SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural development). For example, we have Debate Club held at lunchtime, all year groups and anyone interested in having a debate, arguing a key current affairs issue or developing their public speaking skills. Beginners and practised speaks welcome! Chess Club is open to everyone from complete beginners to experienced players and the UNICEF Ambassadors Club is open to all year groups to work on projects to promote the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Independent Study in the Learning Zone: 

The Learning Zone is a quiet space available for students in all year groups to work on pre-planned and specified homework independently. Students will be asked to sign in and name which homework they are working on. Students are also welcome to use the space to read alone. Please note this session is an academic study session so noise and communication will be kept to a minimum.