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Year 6 → 7 Transition

Online Welcome Event - 29th June 2020

Last night we hosted our first Online Welcome Event for our new year 7 students. The current situation meant we were not able to meet everyone in school as we ordinarily would, so we organised the next best thing - a virtual get together!

Mr Nelson, Mr Whitney, Mr Monte and the wonderful team of form tutors really enjoyed "meeting" our soon to be students and their families.

We have been communicating each Wednesday with our transition students and families and have been including "Meet the Team" videos and a virtual tour of the Academy, but last night meant everyone had the opportunity to interact and ask questions. Faces they have seen in videos are now more familiar.

We appreciate how hard this situation is for students making the transition from primary to secondary school and we are working hard to make that transition as smooth and stress free as possible.

We cannot wait to welcome our new students into the Academy in September. 🙂

If you are a parent who was unable to attend the online welcome event last night, please email -

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