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Secondary School Placement day

The blog is brought to you this week by Assistant Principal Mr Whitney.

Next week sees the day when across the country, parents and children will wake up and find out which secondary school they will be going to in September.  There is no doubt that a range of emotions and thoughts will be experienced as this next stage in the transition process is reached.

There may be relief, excitement, perhaps disappointment at not being assigned the first choice, joy that friends are going to the same school or sadness that they’re not, planning routes to school and who to get there with, thinking about what times things will need to happen in the morning in September, opportunities to make new friends, new teachers and new subjects to meet and experience.

Where concerns are experienced, these are often down to perceptions of a school that may be based on Ofsted ratings or league table results. These snapshot measures can never truly reflect the care and dedication that teachers and other staff go into school with each day; no matter the school, they will want to do the best that they can for your child.

It is also worth noting that having worked in other local authorities over my career, the secondary schools in Milton Keynes are really good at working together and sharing best practice for the benefit of all students in the area.  This is true whether in a Multi academy trust like ourselves and Shenley Brook End or from the regular meetings that happen between all schools in a range of contexts.

So please, if you are one of those who is currently disappointed, don’t let it turn into worry.  Be reassured that the school will want to do the best for your child.  Know that they will do everything they can to make the transition process as smooth and successful as possible.

If your child has been assigned at place with us here at the Hazeley Academy, a letter should be with you very soon with some initial information and what to do next.  You can also keep an eye on the admissions area of our website where copies of all the correspondence and information will be kept.