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So....Being a teacher

This week’s blog is brought to you by one of our senior leaders, Miss Thistlewood, who plays a key role in teacher training at Hazeley and beyond. She shares why the people love teaching. If after reading it, you want to find out more about teacher training then please follow the links.


Mr Nelson

Teaching is one of the greatest and most fulfilling jobs there is, so I decided to put together the Top 10 reasons to “go into teaching”

1 – Fulfilment

You leave at the end of the day knowing that you have changed something in a young person’s life, that you have shaped and guided their knowledge. Ultimately you have helped them with their chosen path in life.

2 - Builds resilience

True it isn’t always easy, but you learn to take the rough with the smooth and become resilient. You build a toolkit of techniques that help you through.

3 - Makes a difference / shapes the future

We do make a difference in the lives of the young people we teach. We have helped to shape their future. Our passion and love for our subjects, our thirst for knowledge is passed on to those we teach.

4 – Every day is different

You may think that teaching the same thing to different classes will be the same, but it never is… they ask questions, they want to know different things. No two lessons and no two days are ever alike.

5 - Sociable job (supportive and like-minded co-workers)

It is a sociable job, you work in teams of similar subject areas, your colleagues are always there to give help, support and ideas. It is almost like a big family working together.

6 - Progression opportunities

There are many different routes in teaching, depending on what you want to specialise in. You can specialise in pedagogy, in behaviour management, in pastoral care, SEN-d, curriculum and timetabling…. The list goes on

7 - Transferable skills

You are a master of many skills, you teach, talk, support, help, advise and so much more… You are a computer whizz (well with PowerPoint, Word and Excel). You learn to look at data and pattern spot… so many different skills.

8 - Job security

Yes, we will always need people to educate the younger generation, to pass on skills and knowledge. And it is very rewarding.

9 - Teach all over the world…

The PGCE is an internationally recognised qualification and it does enable you to teach in many different countries. I have colleagues who have gone on to teach in Dubai, Spain, China, America, Hawaii… to name a few.

10 - The holidays!

I couldn’t do a Top 10 without putting this in here….


At Hazeley we mainly work with three local training partnerships.

As with all ITT in the UK, you need to apply for these ITT providers through UCAS. There is lots more information about the routes in on the website:

Miss Thistlewood