Year 7 Digital Footprint Lessons

For our pupils to thrive in a consistent learning environment, we actively promote the development of their spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding.  In an age where students are constantly using technology such as Smart Phones, iPads and laptops it is increasingly important to ensure that students are using these technologies effectively and safely.

A Digital Footprint is your online presence and what you have contributed online over the years which then creates a trail. Positive contributions online will mean your digital footprint is a positive one, whilst posting negatives online will gain yourself a negative reputation.

In our recent digital footprint lesson with year 7. There was much emphasis on the reasons why activities online are very important, because there is always a trail left online.

In the future family members, potential employers and even the police can type in someone’s name and their digital footprint is instantly displayed.

This can have a social and spiritual consequence in the short and long term on anybody. Therefore, a careful consideration should be taken when going online, and ensuring that people are respectful and use their devices responsibly.

Some top tips are:

  • When posting in a public forum or post; Be respectful.
  • Ensure all images and videos that you are tagged in are appropriate
  • Use social media responsibly, and remember most sites you must be 13 or over to use

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