Year 11 weekly blog – week beginning 28th November

Hello, and welcome to the new Year 11 weekly blog!

This is going to be a means of communicating key events and information for the week ahead and ensuring Year 11 students and parents are aware of what’s happening in the Academy.

Up this week:

Foundation PPEs – The first round of Year 11 Pre-Public Examinations are upon us – the timetable for these can be found here. This is the perfect time to take a snapshot of where we are, celebrate successes and locate any areas of improvement. The results from these PPEs will be available from the 15th December.  During this week Year 11 will swap lunch times with Year 10 to allow for afternoon exams.


Attached to the blog will be a number of useful links to support both students and parents. This week we have a ‘Do and Don’t’ sheet for parents. There are various useful tips for parents to help manage what can be a stressful time. This is by no means a finite list but is there to support if necessary – it can be found by clicking here

Also attached to this week’s blog is a link to the PowerPoint presentation (click here) regarding the ‘Get Revising’ website and app. This is a really powerful tool that will help to organise what can seem a gargantuan undertaking; the GCSE exams.

The Get Revising website can be found by clicking here


Subject specific information:

In future blogs we will also be including some subject specific information when pertinent.