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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

Although audited in some detail within the Academy, we are required to outline in broad terms annually, via our website, the manner with which this allocated money was spent, how it benefited the targeted students and the impact that it had.

We have now updated our Action Plan for 2016 – 2017 which can be found here. The Action Plan for 2015-2016 which can be found here.  The Action Plan for 2014-2015 can be viewed here.  The information below shows a summary for 2014-2015.

The amount of Pupil Premium allocated to The Hazeley Academy during the 2014-2015 year was £204,000.

The Hazeley Academy uses the Pupil Premium to fund a wide range of initiatives and activities to support progress of our vulnerable learners.  These include:

  • After-school enrichment classes with New Heights to support learning of all students
  • Additional Teaching Assistant hours to provide catch-up literacy and numeracy support
  • Additional Learning Mentor hours to supply counselling for students
  • Music tuition throughout the year for allocated students
  • Half term and Easter revision sessions to support examination students
  • Google Chromebooks (Cloud-based laptops) to support in-class learning
  • Additional funding support for vulnerable students to attend out of curriculum time trips
  • Basic equipment for school, e.g. pencil cases
  • PE equipment to support extra-curricular activities
  • One-to-One tuition to support students to narrow the gap
  • The impact arising from our benefiting from additional expenditure of the Pupil Premium has been demonstrable, both for individuals and groups, with above-average performance in achievement, attainment, behaviour and attendance.

RAISE Online 2015 (Ofsted-reference for attainment and progress within schools) shows:-

  • 54 Free school meal (FSM) students in the Year 11 cohort

Closing the gap

From at least 5 out of every 6 starting points, the proportion of disadvantaged KS4 pupils making and exceeding expected progress in English & in mathematics was similar to that of non-disadvantaged pupils nationally.

% of sessions missed due to  overall absence:

  • School 6.8% FSM; National 7.5% FSM
  • Within school gap at Hazeley is less than the gap nationally

Persistent Absentees:

  • School 9.5% FSM; National 10.9% FSM
  • Within school gap at Hazeley is less than the gap nationally


Permanent Exclusions:

  • School 0.00%; National 0.34%

Capped Total Point Score:

  • School FSM 279.5; National FSM 261.3

Value Added:

  • School FSM 999.6; National FSM 976.7

School performance is significantly above national

English and Maths Value Added:

  • English:  School 1002.0; National 998.3
  • Maths:  School 1000.9; National 997.9

School performance is significantly above national

5 A*-C including English and Maths

  • School FSM 43%; National FSM 36%

5 A* – C

  • School FSM 52%; National FSM 45%

The Basics

  • School FSM 48%; National 39%