Our UNICEF club students meet every week and are working on a number of projects including supporting a school in Liwonde, Malawi and raising awareness about the issue of collecting clean water. We were delighted to welcome David Schiff to discuss the water issues in Uganda. David visits Uganda at least twice a year to learn about and support water issues. We learnt that much of Uganda is open water and swampland but this water is undrinkable. Over 4,500 children die every year in Uganda from diarrhoea caused by drinking poisonous water and other water diseases.

Children that David visits have to carry water for four miles twice a day. Children in Uganda who cannot read and write don’t go to school so these children do additional work carrying water.


David brought in a can and we filled it with water to see just how heavy it was. All of us were shocked that children could pick it up let alone many children who carry the water on their head and who, as a result, get spinal injuries.

Lesley Mckenzie