‘The Big Debate’ Milton Keynes Youth Cabinet

Our UNICEF club and Current Affairs club attended the MKYCAB ‘Big Debate’ to discuss a number of topics which students across Milton Keynes voted on including Knife Crime, Votes at 16, climate change and young people and mental health.

Students worked in groups on their chosen topic, looking at a range of different argument. The Knife Crime group were joined by the Metropolitan Police to look at stop and search, whether it is currently used enough or whether it should be used more. The police officers were able to engage in a debate with the students and make them aware that some people feel they are stopped unnecessarily and there is still a need to allow law abiding people to move about freely.

We learnt from Mark Lancaster MP with the Votes at 16 debate that 97% of all data in the world has been published in the last three years and how society might deal with this. Discussion also revolved around the importance of social media groups being required to remove anything offensive from their site and how they need to be responsible about what they publish just as there is a responsibility on newspapers to report accurately.

Students asked whether it was possible to have more traffic lights and it was explained that MK is unique in being the only city where you can travel from one side to the other without traffic lights. It was confirmed that traffic lights slow down traffic so the argument was that roundabouts are more efficient for moving traffic effectively.

Well done to our Hazeley students making speeches with the microphone and getting their voice heard.