Post 16 – Sixth Form


Welcome to the Sixth Form. We offer a structured and supportive environment where students will flourish and develop the independent learning skills and responsibility to be successful in their chosen careers, training and Higher Education.

We place great emphasis on academic achievement but also encourage students to broaden their experiences, to involve themselves in the community and to enjoy learning in its broadest context. If you want to know more about the Sixth Form please contact the Sixth Form office.  You can also follow us on Twitter @hazeley6th.


An Exciting Range Of Courses

The great attraction of the Sixth Form is the quality and quantity of courses available. The Hazeley Academy Sixth Form offers AS and A2, A level courses , vocational qualifications.

A Fresh Way To Study

In the Sixth Form you will study subjects in depth. You will be more responsible for your learning and creativity, for the direction of your studies and for planning your private study. You will find in most courses that much of the work is done in your own study time. You will also find that the students around you are well motivated and that as you go on, the emphasis is more towards working with your teachers than on working for them.


For Sixth Form enquiries please email: