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Triple C Line

The Triple C line: Offering support to students in need

Following the successful launch earlier this academic year of the ‘Tell, Text, Email’ anti-bullying strategy, we are extending it to now cover students that are experiencing difficulties in their lives for a number of different reasons. 

Parents or students may have concerns about another student for a variety of different reasons including the use of drugs or hanging around with young people who may be involved in drugs in some way; self-harm; eating disorders; worries about home life; getting into trouble with the Police or within the local community; worries over personal relationships and friendship issues; worrying behaviours or not coping/feeling anxious and stressed; another reason.

In order for the Personalisation team to take action to support students experiencing these sorts of worries we need to know about them.  We recognise not every student feels comfortable speaking to their Personal  Tutor, Progress Leader or R2L learning mentor, or that every parent would want to ring the Academy or email a concern.  In order to overcome that potential barrier to communication and ultimately offering support to a young person, we have set up the Triple C line.

The Triple C line can be used by anyone (student, parent, carer or relative) who has a concern or worry about a Hazeley Academy student and would like to share these concerns in order that support can be offered.  There is no need to state who you are when reporting your concern; the information can be shared anonymously.  The text number will be monitored by the Personalisation team who then will look into the most appropriate ways of supporting the individual should it be necessary. 

The Triple C number is: 07923 866007 

Please click on the link below for a copy of the letter sent home:

The Triple C Line Letter.pdf