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 Tell, Text, Mail: Saying No to Bullying at The Hazeley Academy 

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Everyone has the right to learn and work in a school community free from discrimination or harassment and where, fundamentally, they feel safe.  The Hazeley Academy prides  itself on having very low annual levels of reported incidents that might be classified as ‘bullying’; and most of these appear to start as problems outside the school gate or online at home or in the community.  However, we recognise that the stresses placed on those that are bullied can have a detrimental effect on making progress.  All of this can have far reaching effects on their emotional health, well-being, attendance, educational successes and subsequent life chances.

The Hazeley Academy works with staff, students and parents to create an inclusive learning community and it is one where any form of bullying is not tolerated.  We have a number of strategies to encourage others to tell us about incidents of bullying so we are able to effectively offer support to those experiencing the bullying and to ensure those carrying out the bullying stop.

Mrs L Baldwin

Deputy Principal – Pastoral 

Please click on the links below for further information and guidance.

Anti-Bullying letter.pdf

Web Guide to Anti-Bullying.pdf

Witness Report Sheet on Bullying.pdf

Anti-Bullying flowchart.pdf