Psychology and Mental Health SMSC Blog

Psychology and Mental Health SMSC Blog

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Our Year 13 psychology students are just coming to the end of one of their A-Level topics on mental health disorders. This is one of the most important topics we teach on the A-Level course as mental health disorders are becoming more common in our society.

Students have been learning specifically about depression and schizophrenia, including their causes and treatments. As part of this we have discussed issues with diagnosing these disorders and hopefully made students more aware of the signs and what treatments are available for people experiencing these disorders.

Students have also looked at the impact that the work place can have on mental health and have discussed whether or not work places should be doing more to support people who have mental health disorders. We have also analysed some film clips to see how the medias representation of mental health have changed over time.

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When speaking to students about what they enjoyed about this topic and how they feel it has benefitted them they have said:


‘It has given me a deeper understanding into what other people might be going through.’

‘By understanding the complexities of mental health disorders we are now able to speak about them in a more socially sensitive manner.’

 ‘I feel I am now more empathetic towards all people, as you never know what they are going through.’

Our Year 10 psychology students will begin learning about mental health in January and we are looking forward to making them more aware of the impact mental health has on their day-to-day lives, as well as learning specifically about depression and addiction.


Mrs Harrison

Head of Social Studies