Principal’s Blog, Year 7 Transition Days, Friday 5th July 2019

This week’s blog is brought to you by Mr Whitney, it focuses on one of the biggest events of a young person’s education the transition to secondary school.

Change can be a difficult thing; what might happen as a result, the worry if it will it be good or bad, will things go according to plan, what else might it affect and where do you put all the coins when the shop says that they’ve run out of notes and pound coins.

One big change that happens for almost everyone is the move to secondary school and this week we had our transition days for all the students who will be joining us in Year 7 in September.  We see these days as an essential part of sharing with the students what life at The Hazeley Academy is all about; an initial experience of our emphasis on Character, Confidence and Creativity and how we work together as a community.

Students came together from over 30 different Key Stage 2 settings to take part in a range of lessons and activities.  On day one they took part in relationship building activities in their tutor groups, had a Character lesson to understand the importance that we place on this at Hazeley and English and mathematics lessons.  All students and tutors received the book Wonder by R. J. Palacio to read over the summer which encapsulates one of our values of “the differences between us make us stronger” and will form part of their English lessons in September as well as providing another common experience for them.

In the evening parents were invited in to meet the tutors as well, to ask those questions about uniform, food and anything else that was on their mind as well as the opportunity to see a presentation from the Progress and Pastoral Leaders for the year group of Mr Edwards and Mr West.  This year was the first year that we have had two transition days and the first benefit of doing so was seeing all the students who were walking in clutching their new books with so many pages read already!

This was the day they experienced a science lesson and it definitely brought a glow to their faces, which was not only because they were getting to use Bunsen burners and get their safe use certificates!  Students also experienced some Magenta activities, which is an approach we use here at Hazeley to ensure that they are talking, thinking and doing in their learning so that they achieve as deep an understanding as possible.

Year 11 students always start to reminisce about their transition experiences as the exam season approaches and I am confident that when the time comes for this group of students to do the same they will have so many positive moments to reflect on and memories to share.  From a personal viewpoint, the moment when a number of the Year 6s came down to sign the chorus to We Are The World whilst the rest of the year group sang along with the cast from our upcoming performance of Back to the 80s will stay with me forever.  The sense of enthusiasm and togetherness was palpable and gave foundations to our hopes for their futures.

Mr Whitney