Principal’s Blog, Work Experience, Friday 29th March 2019

Work Experience is an integral part of The Hazeley Academy. Every year 240 of our Year 10 students venture out into the world of employment. Some find a placement in the line of work they wish to pursue after education; others select randomly and often find a passion for a career they did not expect. Either way, key skills and attributes are explored and developed, through this opportunity.

Every year we look forward to the feedback we receive from employers who kindly offered a placement to our students, a few of the examples from last year are below.

“Very happy with Ellie’s performance in our Year 5 class. Very professional and great communication. Asked questions and sought clarification. Was able to take a small group for maths and challenged them accordingly. Welcome back any time!”

“The most polite, mature and kind young man we have ever had for work experience. We have offered him a part time position whilst he continues his studies, as soon as he is 16. He is a true example of a bright, intelligent young man. He will go very far”

“Rebecca was a great addition to our team, she was eager to help and understand more about our work. She showed initiative and completed tasks to a high standard. She already has lots of skills and qualities, which employers look for. Thank you for all your help.”

“An excellent student. Paul used his initiative on every occasion. He worked well both in Year 4 and 6 classrooms and in sports camp on Friday. Paul engaged brilliantly with staff and pupils. He completed displays and mounted work to a very high standard. He took the role very seriously and really rose to the challenge. A pleasure having such a competent young man in school.”

“He was a real asset to the department. Please send more students like him!”

The work experience process can feel lengthy, and sometimes frustrating as students start their journey whilst still in Year 9, but students agree that once they have successfully been placed with an employer and their placement begins, the positives of the week’s experience and the view of life as an employee really do outweigh the possible trickier aspects they may have experienced. A great way to develop Character, Confidence and Creativity.