Principal’s Blog, What was your most memorable school trip? Friday 26th April 2019

Over the Easter break I journeyed back to Northumberland, the location of my first school residential trip, it was lovely to revisit the places that I had seen almost 40 years before, it was surprising to see how little things had changed, however I was looking at ancient castles and beaches! Even more surprising was my realisation of how that single week away had influenced my future, through it I gained an interest in geography, geology and history. I went on to study in these areas at A-Level and they heavily influenced by future career. I suspect if many of us spare the time we will be able to unpick how school trips and visits influenced our lives.

The primary school that my sons attended have been very brave for many years, they arrange overseas exchange visits for children as young as nine years old. My wife and I experienced a strange balance of enthusiasm and apprehension about letting our boys go. To get on a plane with a group of other pupils and a few teachers, then land in a foreign country and go and live with another family for a week seemed a real challenge and opportunity. But we weighed up the risks, we understood that nothing is risk free, but had faith that the school would take all reasonable steps to make it safe and enjoyable and placed our trust in them. I can say without doubt that they had the best week of their school life so far, they came back with pockets full of stories, bags of confidence and a pile of unused clean socks! The visits have led to us, as a family, visiting the families in Spain and Germany and in turn hosting them in our own homes. Both of my sons now have real interests in German. Truly life changing.

This might you ask, so what trips do children do at Hazeley? The list at the end of this blog outlines the trips over a twelve month period. It was only when I saw them in one place that I realised how many opportunities our young people can access over their time with us.

There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into organising these trips, from doing research, completing risk assessments, organising letters, planning the learning, supervising the children and dealing with the odd hick up. We are very lucky at Hazeley at how willing our staff are to do this, it’s not in their job description, they don’t get paid any extra money, they do it because they believe it is the right thing to do for the children in their charge.

Remember the academy will always go above and beyond to support families who have a genuine need for financial support, we even have one parent who always pays for one extra place whenever she pays for a place for her own child. I hope that you are able to do all that you can to support your child in taking advantage of these opportunities and in supporting the staff that lead and organise these trips. Small things like returning reply slips on time, paying voluntary contributions whenever you can and a simple thank you email to a member of staff who might have given up a week with their family to take your child away can make all of the difference.

Interviews for Engineering Education Scheme National Maritime Museum
Caldecotte Xperience 4 KS4 (Geography) East London Fieldwork
Malaga 2018 Student Pixl for MFL
New York Young Leaders Training
Globe Theatre – Orthello Curious Incident Theatre Trip
MK Big Debate Caldecotte Xperience 6
Engineering Education Scheme launch event HealthTec Aylesbury College
Oxford Art & Science Outreach Tomorrow’s Engineers Robotics Challenge
University of Loughborough Caldecotte
Warwick Castle MK Rotary – Swimathon 2019 – inter-school competition
Caldecotte Xperience 5 Apprenticeship Show
Senior Team Maths challenge Duke of Edinburgh Bronze DofE Day Hike (12th)
Churchill War Rooms and Parliament A-Level swimming assessment
Young Enterprise Oxford University Bioengineering day
Future Chef MK Rotary – Technology Challenge
Girls Active – Youth Sport Trust. MK Futures 2050
SMC visits for Engneering Education Scheme D of E Westbury Arts Centre
Sociology Conference D of E volunteer community activity
Network Rail STEM Day Visit Duke of Edinburgh Bronze DofE Day Hike (26th)
A Level Economics Strong Foundations Workshops Duke of Edinburgh Bronze DofE Day Hike (29th)
Public speaking competition Maths Strive for 5
Safe Drive Stay Alive Year 12 Cambridge Trip
MFL Masterclass English strive for 5
MK College Taster Day Junior Team Maths Challenge
Engineering Education Scheme – Cambridge workshop Economics Masterclass
MK Trade Fair Law Revision Conference Trip
Duke of Edinburgh bronze practice expedition 2019 Holland Sports Tour
French trip to the Europa Centre for Y10 students of French EES build workshop at SMC Pneumatics
Duke of Edinburgh bronze practice expedition 2019 Engineering Education Scheme Celebration and Assessment Day
Bushcraft 2019 Year 8 KS4 (Geography) Amersham Field Centre
Year 12 UCAS Fair CERN Hadron Collider Trip
National History Museum Oxford & Pitt Rivers Year 10 Oxford University
National Space Centre Year 7 G&T Trip Hazeley Wood
MFL trip to Priory Rise in partnership with SBE YE County Finals
Tate Modern Museum Stowe House Art trip
British Culture & History for EAL students French trip to the Europa Centre for Y10 students of French
Year 9 Loughborough Trip


Mr Nelson