Principal’s Blog – What inspires you? 4th May 2018

What inspires you is an interesting question; it is one that is easy to give a quick response to; making a positive difference to my community, my family, a notable famous person etc.

Inspirational things happened at Hazeley every day. For example watching 30 students travel on a complex learning journey with an enthused teacher. Enriched by the comments of students as they start to understand the complex concepts involved in the lesson. This is the biggest motivator for all great teachers.

School is not just about learning for exams, observing a teaching assistant or member of the pastoral team caringly helping students unpick their problems, correct mistakes and make wise decisions is equally as important.

A school cannot function without support staff; from the receptionist who brings in her own flowers to brighten the start of everyone’s day, to the IT and Site team who consistently go the extra mile to ensure that our real and virtual worlds are safe and enjoyable to use; they are all inspirational.

Seeing how our leaders respond to the opportunities and challenges presented to them and their teams never ceases to uplift me. Creating the vision, finding the best path, guiding people along it, overcoming hurdles, celebrating successes and doing this for their teams.

A kind, “hello Sir” from a smiling Y7 or a thank you email from an ex-student certainly brightens your day. A great set of results, OFSTED report or other notable success gives a similar injection of endorphins.

The feeling of responsibility for those that place their trust in you is an enormous energiser, knowing that a student is relying on you to help them achieve those top grades or overcome their barriers sharpens the senses and helps focus your mind. Personally, I always try to ensure that this is a quest for success as opposed to a battle to overcome failure.

Outside of school, doing something a little crazy like hitchhiking to Africa, cycling up a mountain or exploring a new part of the world gives a great tangible sense of achievement that can be revisited when things get tough.

However my own personal greatest motivation is seeing people overcome challenges, making the most of their strengths and opportunities and finding focus and resilience to make great things happen for the people around them.

We witness this on a daily basis at Hazeley and I have to agree with Steve Jobs; “the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones that do.”

I hope that you find a few moments to reflect upon what motivates you.

Mr Nelson

ZTN photo Nelson