Principal’s Blog, The traits of a super teacher, Friday 22nd March 2019

I came across an interesting article by John Dabell, entitled “The traits of a super teacher”. In it he essentially suggests that there is no such thing as a super teacher, but that all teachers should recognise their own talents and bravely enjoy progressing into better versions of themselves.

His traits included:

  • Organised and are always thinking ahead.
  • Prioritisers and do the important stuff first.
  • Accountable and take ownership of mistakes and short-comings.
  • Explainers and can clearly articulate their thoughts, ideas and explanations.
  • Patient and understand that learning is full of mistakes and something can’t be rushed or happen by “magic”.
  • Optimistic and believes that all students can learn and get better.
  • A listener and really tuned into what people are saying.
  • Creative and is able to produce memorable and exciting learning moments.
  • Versatile, flexible and always editing their feelings and responses.
  • Assertive and say “no” if they have to, not least in order to protect their wellbeing.
  • Networkers who surround themselves with successful people and role models.
  • Self-monitors who invest heavily in their own personal and professional development.
  • Risk-takers who spearhead new ways of working and battle classroom complacency
  • Believers who nurture themselves by being confident practitioners.

He talks about the importance of balance, confidence and accepting our own humanity as teachers. I agree with him whole heartedly about the importance of school leaders and governors in creating a climate for teachers to become amazing versions of themselves. Avoiding becoming some grey version of normal or impossible version of perfect, instead focusing on evolving into an amazing version of themselves.

I read the article on the same day as receiving two emails from parents praising staff and another letter from a student doing the same. I know how much these small acts of recognition had meant to the staff involved. It made me think about the power of parents and students in creating the culture for teachers to be amazing as well as the teachers creating it for the students a great example of a virtuous spiral. A reminder of the importance of community, a reminder of how lucky we are to be part of the Hazeley and 5 Dimensions communities.

Mr Nelson