Principal’s Blog – The Importance of School Uniform 1/3/2018

The Importance of School Uniform

One of the great things about the British education system is choice. Many of us are privileged to be able to choose to send our child to a school with a strict or relaxed approach to uniform; one which fits our own values as a parent. Hazeley is proud of its high expectations in a broad range of areas from academic achievement to being kind to others.

At Hazeley we have a strong belief in the benefits of school uniform which include:

  • Uniform creates a sense of belonging, pride and community.
  • It shows that you want to meet the high expectations of your community.
  • Dressing the same reduces bullying and social pressure on students to choose and purchase expensive designer clothes.
  • A smart uniform helps students learn how to dress formally.

I am pleased to see the standards of uniform steadily improve over the past few years with trainers and black jeans now a distant memory. Students wear their uniform with increasing levels of pride.

Our students speak positively about wearing their Hazeley uniform.

Having a uniform means you don’t need to worry about wearing the wrong thing”Y11

“Wearing school uniform prepares you for the outside world” Y11

“It shows that you are part of something” Y9

“It feels special when you first put on your blazer; you feel really grown up”Y9

We will continue to improve clarity and consistency as we move forward. This is an endless but worthwhile task and, for example we are considering making the phrase “just above the knee” a little more specific and looking at sourcing a standard skirt for students. We will ensure that you are updated of any changes.

Staff will continue to praise students who are meeting expectations and challenge those who are not.

Unlike many other schools we endeavour to avoid excluding students for uniform related issues, however our behaviour policy clearly states that students may be isolated if they are not in the correct uniform and this is not an area we will negotiate and these expectations are unlikely to change in the near future.  We appreciate there are many retailers offering a range of styles, lengths and fabrics when buying uniform. Sadly these do not always meet our uniform expectations and we ask parents to refer to our guidelines prior to purchasing LINK.

Thank you again to all the students, parents and carers who supported so warmly our latest push on these expectations.

Mr Nelson

ZTN photo Nelson