Principal’s Blog, The Importance of Great Careers Advice, Friday 15th March 2019

This week’s blog is brought to you by our Assistant Principal for Pathways, Mrs Mayles. It focuses on the importance of careers advice, highlighting some of the ways in which the staff at Hazeley connect with others to make this come to life for our students.

Mr Nelson

Over the last few weeks I have had the pleasure of interviewing our Year 11 students, as well as Year 11 students from across the city who wish to be part of our sixth form next year. It has been fascinating to hear the different range of careers that students wish to go into, Forensic Psychologists, Doctors, Pilots, Teachers, Computer Programmers, the list is endless. No matter what the career, it is fantastic to hear the aspirations the students have and the research they have carried out, so they know the best route for them in the future.

This week some of our Year 10 and Year 11 students have visited the National Apprenticeship Show at Arena MK. There is an ever increasing number of apprenticeships across all different sectors, from entry level through to Degree level, some amazing opportunities for our students not only to continue building their qualifications but also earn and potentially secure a job at the end. Many of our Year 13s have been busy applying and going through rounds of interviews for apprenticeships- Mercedes Benz being a popular choice by many and competing against each other for that placement.

At the same time many of our Year 13 students are finalising their university choices, with most universities having to make their offers by the end of March, our students then have to finalise their first and second choice. A big decision for any student to make.

It is so important that our students are inspired and have aspirations, to support our younger students to think deeper about this, our Year 12 students have been visiting our lower form groups to share their aspirations and chosen pathway. In English our Year 7-10 students will be using their literacy skills to write letters about their chosen careers and the pathway they will take to get there.

We are collectively working to ensure they have the right information and guidance about how to achieve their dreams. Understanding where they are heading is a great motivator for students to achieve their bests and be the best they can be. Talking and engaging with young people about their aspirations is critical in supporting them to achieve this.

Years 9-13 now all have access to Unifrog, our online careers platform, students can use this to search different careers, which includes up to date labour market information. They can build their own personal profile of their key competencies and activities, as well as create CVs and search apprenticeships and universities. Students can access this both in and out of school so parents will be able to work with students on their account. We have also created a parent login, parents can sign up using the form code HazeleyParent. Year 7 will join the Unifrog platform later in the summer term.

Over the year students will also have been looking at careers within specific subject areas, taken part in form time activities, Worktree career breakout sessions, as well as many subjects inviting employers into the class room. Late this year we also hope that many of our year 7 students will take up the opportunity to take part in ‘Take your child to work day’

This term we have also welcomed our 5 Dimensions trust Career Advisor, Mrs A Harris, who is working across Hazeley and SBE to support students with their career choices and pathways for the future.

Our aim is to provide our students with multiple opportunities to find out about different careers prospects. If you feel you can support any delivery of careers or would be willing to speak to some of our students about careers, please let us know.

Thank you,

Mrs Mayles – Assistant Principal