Principal’s Blog, Student Focus – Bullying, Friday 17th May 2019

This is the first in a series of blogs in which the views of a cross section of the student population are shared. The young people involved are a representative mix of students in terms of year group, gender, academic levels and ethnic back ground. They choose topic areas, crafted the questions and agreed the summary responses.

They provide an interesting insight into the views of our students and the responses of the academy to support these young people.

The first topic is one close to the heart of every young person, parent and teacher, bullying.

This is what our students thought.

What causes bullying? – Bullies cause bullying, they normally pick you out if you are different. They often do this because they are jealous or they have been bullied. Sometimes they do it because they think it will make them look good or fit in. Often it is because of the way they have been treated in the past.

How does bullying make you feel? – Different people feel different things at different times. Angry, isolated, self-conscious, upset, vulnerable, confused and even enraged are all common.

How common is bullying at Hazeley? – It happens less than in other schools, but it does happen, it is normally dealt with well, it tends to be relatively small groups of students that do it. It gets less common as you get older. It is important that it remains a priority for teachers to spot and deal with.

How could Hazeley deal with it more effectively? – Students need to understand what restorative meetings are and how they work. Bullies who don’t learn from these need to know that they will be punished. Staff need to make sure that they always close the loop and have the time to sit down with students and deal with these things properly.

As a result of the feedback from the students we will introduce a series of lessons on restorative practice, looking at how it works and why it works. This will be linked in with Anti Bullying Week.

Finally don’t forget to pass on the message that the first step to stopping bullying is informing a member of staff, this can be done through Tell, Text, Email….

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