Principal’s Blog, Reflections on a great Year, Friday 19th July 2019

The year started with reflections on a great set of summer exam results, and was quickly followed by a hugely positive OFSTED. We used it to raise our expectations further and we frequently recall the quotes from it.

“Principled and determined pursuit of high standards in all areas of school life” 

“A stimulating and challenging ethos”

“Pupils make rapid progress and achieve well”

“Pupils are proud of your school”

“Behaviour of the great majority of pupils in lessons and around the school is exemplary”

“Effective balance of the drive for excellence with the wellbeing of staff and students”

“Pupils personal development and well-being, including their mental health, have a high priority and are well provided for by the school”

“Safeguarding is a strength of the school”

“Governors provide strong challenge and support”

“The reputation of the sixth form in the community is rightly strong”


Our partnership with Shenley as part of the 5 Dimensions Trust has grown from strength to strength as we endeavour together to “create a vibrant community of exceptional people” allowing both schools to learn from and support each other. I cannot think of an area of school life that has not benefited from this in one way or another.

The year has been filled with a vast array of successful events from HazeleyFest to visits to CERN, with the staff running them and the students taking part, to keep raising the bar. The commitment to continuous improvement is part of the DNA of Hazeley. The willingness of staff to make this happen humbles me on a daily basis.

Our staff, students, OFSTED, parents and visitors frequently tell us we are a happy and successful school, this is important to us. We are far from complacent. Our improvement plan next year will focus on lifting the bar on the quality of teaching and learning through Magenta, Metacognition and Oracy. In parallel to this we will improve the ethos and culture through our commitment to encouraging our young people to grow through taking part, volunteering and knowing themselves and each other.

We don’t know what this summer’s results will bring, but we know that the overwhelming majority of our students can be reassured that they have done their best and that is all that we can ask. I know that the same applies to the staff and parents. We cannot alter them now as the examiners are ticking away at the papers, but we can choose how we react to them and we will respond in a Hazeley way, a positive way, a way that understands that we are committed to becoming amazing versions of ourselves, not normal (that is boring) or perfect (that is impossible) AMAZING.

Enjoy your summer knowing that the best is yet to come!

Mr Nelson