Principal’s Blog, Friday 25th October 2019, Inspirational training to help create inspirational teachers.  

The blog this week is written by Mrs Jobling – Director of Teaching and Learning

A Blast from the Past: Back to the 80’s 

The Hazeley Academy and the 5 Dimensions Trust use thematic INSETs carefully as a key engagement technique or hook. Yearly themes bring staff together, sparking conversation and directing their energy. Academic year 19/20 hung on the 80’s revolution.  Historically a time for change, experimentation and new things.

A concept or theme is a positive way in which to explore, promote or travel a key message across the staff, ensuring that everyone is pointing in the same direction, on this occasion back to the 80’s

This year’s key pedological foci are The Magenta Principles, Metacognition and Oracy

When developing educational days for staff; the Teaching and Learning Team recognises that;

  1. Planning for the education of staff, should be no different to the care and thought given to a student’s learning. 

By this we mean that it should be always be of quality, carefully considered and differentiated to ensure that all benefit from the occasion.

  1. Each colleague is unique and carries a different set of skills;

As a result, bespoke programs should always be on offer and groupings of staff should be discussed in detail, pulling on the strengths of others and possible areas for development.

  1. Experiences are better received when they are relevant.  

When INSET links clearly to an individual’s personal development or the wider context of the school it is embraced and utilised effectively.  We are aware that where we see more joy, there is more intense engagement. This is often when the why is being explored

The day;

Prior to INSET day’s in September 19, The 5 Dimensions Trust came together to identify and agree the pedagogical focus for the academic year.  The Hazeley Academy sessions were tiered and in accordance with a colleague’s previous experience and two discrete streams were created.  Each teaching member of staff travelled through 3 sessions with a focus on Magenta, Metacognition and Oracy with an 80s spin. 

All sessions were delivered by people who were passionate about pedagogy or are enthusiastic educators who know how to convey information in a systematic way.  Having toured the sessions as part of a morning rotation, teaching staff then had the opportunity to digest their sessions within a coaching environment (pair) making plans for the coming term with their specific focus in mind.

Feedback on the day was extremely positive, staff learned a great deal and had fun, and critically lesson dips have shown that they are passing this on to the most important people in our school the children.

Mrs Jobling – Director of Teaching and Learning