Principal’s Blog, 9th November 2018, OFSTED Report

You may recall that at the end of last half term, we had the pleasure of a visit from OFSTED.

I am thrilled to present their report, I hope that reading it leaves you with a sense of pride, reassurance and excitement, it should do; after all it is your child’s school that the inspectors are describing and it is their behaviour and outcomes that most greatly influence the inspectors. OFSTED Report

The delightful parental quote that is included sums it up, “The ethos of the school combines high expectations with a friendly and caring approach- what more could a parent ask for?” This is supported beautifully by a student quote, “The best thing about the school is the respect that teachers have for us and we have for our teachers”.

Rarely in OFSTED reports will you find so many wonderful phrases:

“Stimulating and challenging ethos”

“Morale is high at your inclusive school”

“Pupils are kind and respectful to each other and their teachers”

“Pupils personal development and well-being, including their mental health, have a high priority and are well provided for by the school”

“Pupils welfare is a high priority for staff, who are well trained and knowledgeable about the risk factors faced by young people”

“Behaviour of the great majority of pupils in lessons and around the school is exemplary”

“Safeguarding is a strength of the school.”

“Meticulous systems”

“The reputation of the sixth form in the community is rightly strong”

“Governors provide strong challenge and support”

“Pupils make rapid progress and achieve well”

There is clear praise for how we effectively balance the drive for excellence with the well-being of pupils and staff, as does our ambitious plans to improve further, through our partnership work. It is clear that, like me, the inspectors see Hazeley as a very good school that is on an excellent trajectory to become something very special and, most importantly, the students, staff, parents and partners involved are destined to enjoy the journey.

Exciting times!

Mr Nelson