Principals Blog – 9th February 2018 – Steps to Success

Steps to Success

This week Year 10 and Year 11 students experienced motivational talks from Mr Beezy and Maximise. The two speakers have hugely contrasting styles; however give consistent messages which perfectly align with Hazeley values.

Be Bold – “Have a Dream”

  • Importance of VISION – Having something to aim for is the first step to success.
  • Linked to this understanding WHAT IS YOUR WHY?
  • Always remembering – WHO DO YOU WANT TO MAKE PROUD?
  • The importance of REFLECTING on what we owe to others, especially family.

Be Sharp – “Use Time Well”

  • Success is not for lazy people – hard work is important. Laziness kills your dreams – “no grind / no glory” (one of Mr Beezy’s catchphrases).
  • Importance of ROUTINES
  • Make great PLANS and stick to them
  • Learn the SKILLS of revision
  • Use the RESOURCES available to you
  • The PROCESS is there to help you succeed – work with the school not against it
  • URGENCY- need to act now – no excuses – crack on
  • Importance of not being DISTRACTED by friends

Be Resilient- “Keep positive”

  • DARK TIMES – keep going – no whining – no quitting – no excuses – be positive – accept it’s hard and keep going.
  • The dangers of SOCIAL MEDIA- the risk of listening to false stories and even leading to  depression
  • FAILURE and MISTAKES – two of the best teachers – it’s how we learn – how will you learn from yours?
  • Remove DOUBT – it stalls you
  • Keep HOPE
  • Take yourself seriously you can then support others – take RESPONSIBILITY
  • The positive impact of PRESSURE- that’s what makes the diamonds
  • DREAM / STRUGGLE/ VICTORY – keep up the struggle to reach the victory
  • CHANGE your behaviours to CHANGE your results

I am exceptionally pleased by the way in which our students have seized the advice from the speakers and very grateful for the way in which parents and carers are also supporting this at home.



Mr Nelson

ZTN photo Nelson