Principal’s Blog 5th October, Big decisions and openness

Choosing a secondary school is a really big decision, one of the biggest that we make with our children. It was lovely this week to see how many parents are taking this seriously, when at open evening we shared our school with over a thousand visitors. Our staff and students love showing their school off to visitors and the feedback is consistently excellent, describing the school as having, high expectations, a friendly atmosphere, professional, caring, great facilities and importantly happy students and staff.

Surprisingly for many “Choose Hazeley” is not the message that we try to get across at our open evening, instead it is, “choose a school that matches your values”. The Hazeley values are below and parents are encouraged to explore the values of the school in as much depth as possible by talking with other parents and students, looking at OFSTED reports, exploring the website, and almost certainly the most effective way visiting the school on a normal day.

Core Purpose (Our reason for existence)

Character Confidence Creativity – Animus Fiducia Glossarium

 “At The Hazeley Academy we develop Character, Confidence and Creativity in our young people and each other so that together we can gain fulfilment by playing a positive role in our community”

Core Values: Our fixed, guiding principles by which we make all decisions

Character – We have respect, integrity, loyalty, high expectations and resilience. We believe the differences amongst us make us even stronger.

Confidence – We trust ourselves and each other, we relish taking calculated risks, we understand honest mistakes occur and learn from them together.

Creativity –We enjoy working together designing, creating and reflecting upon solutions, including how to improve ourselves and each other in so doing making our Academy a truly inspiring place.

One of the characteristics that makes Hazeley special is our openness, we are a community of over 1,700 people, (over 1,000 of them are teenagers), we will not show you perfection, we know that honest mistakes occur, but we are confident that what we do day in, day out is very special. That is why we offer tours with myself or one of our Vice Principals, tours in which the parents/ students choose where to go and what to see, tours in which guests do not speak with carefully selected students, but randomly selected ones. If you are thinking of choosing Hazeley, or if you are an existing parent who wants to see what the school is really like then simply contact our reception team to book your tour.

You will then have the opportunity to see our values coming to life

Mr Nelson