Principal’s Blog, 26th October 2018, OFSTED Update and a Thank you

A number of parents have called in the last few days either to wish us good luck for OFSTED or enquire about the outcomes. Although the senior team and governors received some interim feedback from the inspectors on the day we are not allowed to share this until the official letter comes out. This allows the report to be checked and helps ensure that the system is as valid and reliable as possible. We expect the letter to be with us in the next few school days, but I suppose no one can tell me off for saying what I did at the welcome to the year ahead meetings, and what I have made public on our own website; “Hazeley is a very good school that is getting better all of the time.” We will find out soon if the inspectors feel the same.

I certainly can share with you the outcomes of your parental surveys, which can be accessed here Hazeley Parental Survey As you may recall the situation was slightly confused by the fact that OFSTED came in during the week that we had already asked you to fill in our own surveys so some of you filled on both, the summary therefore is an amalgamation of the two, which unsurprisingly are very similar anyway. Ofsted Parental Survey

Impressively over 90% of parents strongly agreed/ agreed (or for a minority did not show a view) on the following comments:

  • My child is Happy at Hazeley
  • My child feels safe
  • My child makes good progress
  • My child is well looked after
  • My child is taught well
  • My child receives appropriate homework for their age
  • This school makes sure its pupils are well behaved
  • This school deals effectively with bullying
  • This school is well led or managed
  • I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress
  • I would recommend this school to another parent.

Those of you who have engaged with our parent’s voice group will know that we will be particularly pleased with the views on homework and reports which have been a focus for the past few years.

You will see from the deeper Hazeley survey that parents feel that we are right to maintain a focus on:

  • Deepening their child’s personal learning skills
  • Extending our extracurricular and volunteering offer
  • And of course being relentless preventing and responding to complaints and bullying

As always we will remain true to our vision and commitment to the 3Cs (Character, Confidence and Creativity) and not be tempted to squeeze extra points in the school performance tables or win the favour of OFSTED with gimmicks, but equally we will use these mechanisms along with your own valuable feedback to help guide us on our way.

We will of course, continue to make best use of our partnership with Shenley Brook End as part of the Five Dimensions Trust to keep improving, on that note it is reassuring to see how the parental surveys of both schools are almost equally positive. Of course, I would argue Hazeley’s are better and I would expect Mr Holmwood to do the same for Shenley, but a bit of healthy competition, helps drive things along!

Finally thank you for your support, it makes a tremendous difference to that Hazeley community.

Ensuring that our best gets better every year.

Exciting times…

Mr Nelson