Principal’s Blog 14th September 2018, Feedback and Communications

Feedback and Communications

In our core values we talk about, “high expectations……………….. working together designing, creating and reflecting upon solutions………………… understanding that honest mistakes occur”

These values help to create a culture where people go looking for feedback on ways to improve.

I spent an hour yesterday speaking with a cross section of students about how their term has started, here are some of their comments:

“The Y12s have settled in really well they are already mixing with us” Cameron and Kienan Y13

“I’m surrounded by people with good work ethics, it really helps” Jasmine Y13

“My new teachers are great, we have got straight into the learning” Luke Y10

“The teachers have made it easy for us to have a successful start” Riley Y10

“Making new friends” Andrea Y8

“Mr Laurie and Mr Bonnett are great” Erin Y10

“Mr McCann is really good” Tre Y10

“It’s good to have Mrs Tiller back from maternity, she has loads of enthusiasm” Oliver Y10

“Meeting new people” Dillan Y7

“The teachers are kind” Daniel Y7

And my favourite two:

“The 8-1 win in the County Cup Football match” Fletcher Y8

“Not getting lost…. Yet!” Helena Y7

The power of sharing your positive views about Hazeley cannot be underestimated, it lifts people’s days and reminds them how important and appreciated their work is, it makes the school better for everyone. Importantly it encourages people to do more of what’s right

Equally sharing your concerns or ideas for improvement are also warmly welcomed, please help us to keep improving by constructively sharing your views and ideas with staff at the academy. The best way is to send an email to the member of staff involved, explaining the nature of your concern and what you are seeking as a resolution. There are more details on how to do this in our communications policy which can be accessed here.

Thank you again for helping make Hazeley a great place to learn.

Mr Nelson