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Sports Day

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This was our first Sports Day since the House system was introduced, resulting in an even more competitive event with all Houses taking the lead at some point in the day.  We saw some outstanding performances and, although results are still being verified, early signs are that at least 5 Academy records have been broken.  The results were very close, with only 30 points separating 1st and 4th places in many events.

The morning events of Handball and Capture the Flag saw a great turn-out and set the standard for the rest of the day, with the students leaving the field with huge smiles on their faces.  The afternoon was the turn of the showcase athletic events with the House system in full swing and all students and staff cheering on their athletes.  This was an absolutely fantastic sight and brought out some incredible emotions from a dated PE teacher!

With Colossus leading going into the final events, the relay races changed everything.  Cobra stole the show given them enough points to tip the scale in their favour and clinch the overall victory.  Even the valiant efforts in the staff relay, won by Victory, couldn’t change the standings.

Click here to see some photos from Sports Day.

Year First Second Third Fourth
7 Colossus Enigma Joint:Victory and Cobra
8 Cobra Enigma Colossus Victory
9 Victory Colossus Joint:Enigma and Cobra
10 Joint:Victory and Cobra Colossus Enigma

Overall results were:

1st Cobra

2nd Colossus

3rd Victory

4th Enigma

A great day, which saw the whole Academy pull together and show what we are really capable of.

The Hazeley Way.

Mr Lee