International Partnerships

A feature of the Academy is the notion of helping to develop the “Global Citizen”.  Our world is shrinking and advancements in technology and travel mean we can communicate with the other side of the world in a click of a button.  Business Leaders must keep pace with these changes, therefore we aim to prepare our students for the world they will enter by using many of the Local, National and International links that we have.  We run trips to other countries and take learning outside the classroom.  However, there are a number of other ways we are working to ensure The Hazeley students are prepared for the globalised world they are soon to enter.

National Partnerships

Through Business in the Community (BITC – “Business Class” we have been paired up with Wates Construction for a 3-year sustainable partnership.

Business Class is a Government-endorsed programme which provides a systematic and proven framework for developing partnerships that are rooted in the needs of the school and underpinned by strategic support and collaborative action.  The core philosophy of Business Class is that the school is the “client”; it is the school that determines what is needed from its business partner.

“The Business Class programme is an excellent example of how schools can take advantage of the expertise and experience that the business world has to offer”                Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State for Education

Participating schools and businesses believed the following improvements had been assisted by the programme:

  • 38% improvement in academic achievement for students
  • Students’ employability increased by 40%
  • Leadership and governance improved by 25%
  • Progress with wider goals – well over 30%
  • Optimism about the sustainability of the partnership increased by 57% and 32% for schools and businesses respectively.

We have worked closely with Wates Construction ( Please click on the link for more information.