Parent/Carer Survey Feedback

Thank you to parents/carers who took the time to complete our parent surveys.

It is reassuring that over 90% agreed or strongly agreed with the key statements of:

  • “My child is happy at the Hazeley Academy”
  • “My child feels safe at The Hazeley Academy”
  • “My child is well looked after at The Hazeley Academy”
  • “The Hazeley Academy makes sure its students are well behaved”
  • “The Hazeley Academy is well led and managed”
  • “I receive valuable information from The Hazeley Academy about my child’s progress”

It is reassuring to also see that parents/carers are seeing improvements in homework, quality of teaching and instances of bullying, all of which now mirror the responses seen in many other outstanding schools. Our aim is to improve these further.

Our existing academy improvement plan and partnership work with Shenley Brook End School will help ensure that the positive responses in relation to levels of academic challenge and progress are improved further over the next year, with the aim that they also exceed the 90% mark.

We will continue to develop and improve the wellbeing programme to have a greater impact on student’s healthy living choices. Additional training and support will be given to form tutors, support staff, leaders and managers to help improve the way staff respond to concerns raised by parents/carers.

A great way to work with us and share your opinions and ideas is to join one of our Parent Voice sessions:

Subject Date Agenda
Parent Partners Thursday 25th January
Next steps homework

Supporting parents and their child when they fall off track

How to help parents help each other


Communication Thursday 1st March


Next steps with Go4Schools

Next steps reports

Next steps with the website


Curriculum Thursday 5th July


Next steps careers advice and guidance

Next steps wellbeing programme

Next steps developing more clubs and links with the community



Mr T Nelson