Student Services

Student Services is the first point of contact for students:

  • General Enquiries
  • Timetable Queries
  • Trips Information
  • Change of Personal details
  • Lost Property

Delivery of items to Students

We have noticed a large increase in the quantity of items being dropped into reception for delivery to students during the academy day.

Please can you help students by ensuring they arrive prepared each day, fully equipped for lessons and ready to learn.

Please note reception can only deliver urgent items to students. Examples of an urgent item would be:

  • Prescription Glasses
  • Lunch
  • House Keys
  • Medicine

Thank you for your support.


Lost Property

We would always encourage students to re-trace their steps where possible. If they are unable to locate their property they should contact Student Services where they will be directed to the appropriate lost property areas within the school.

There will be a ‘Lost Property’ table, outside Student Services, every Friday after school for items that have been handed into student services and not collected (not including valuables).

Any items not collected at the end of Friday, will go to ‘Central Lost Property’, held with our Site Team on ‘G Corridor’.

Thank you.


Academy Shop – Finance Office 

The Finance office sell a range of school equipment including stationery, padlocks, mouth-guards, calculators and ties.

Items can be purchased by the students before and after school, at break time and lunch time. Currently we can only accept cash for these items.

2018/2019 School Shop Price List:
Calculator £7:00
Compass with pencil £0:50
Eraser £0:20
Exam pens £1:00
Maths kit (clear pencil case including blue, black & red pen, pencil, compass with pencil, ruler & protractor) £1:50
Mouth guard £1:00
Padlocks for lockers £1:00
Pencil £0:10
Pencil sharpener £0:10
Pens – blue, black or red £0:10
Planners £3:00
Protractor £0:20
Ruler (30cm) £0.20
Table tennis bat (with ball) £2:00
Table tennis ball £0:10
Ties £6:00